What is the Kirshenbaum Bands With Stochastic Strategy for MT4?

The Kirshenbaum Bands With Stochastic Strategy aims to identify oversold and overbought conditions. The theory is that these bands will help you determine when to enter or exit the market based on the market’s overall trend.

Kirshenbaum Bands With Stochastic Strategy

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The Kirshenbaum band consists of two lines – an upper band and a lower band – drawn according to factors such as price momentum, security prices, volume levels, etc. When one or more of these factors indicates that an asset is likely headed downward (oversold status), the system automatically opens long positions above the upper band. It sells short parts below the lower bar. Conversely, suppose there’s evidence that an asset is poised for an upward movement (overbought condition). The system will close long positions below the upper band and buy short parts above the lower bar.

How could you use Kirshenbaum Bands With Stochastic Strategy for MT4?

To use Kirshenbaum bands with a stochastic strategy, first, create an “optimal” Moving Average Convergence Divergences (MACD) histogram and then plot the band around it. The intersection of the two lines will show you where the market is most oversold or overbought relative to recent prices.

Kirshenbaum Bands With Stochastic Strategy MT4 trading settings

There are several forex Kirshenbaum band settings you can use on your MT4 trading platform, depending on your type of trader and how you want to trade. Here’s an overview of the most common ones:

-Slow Stochastics: This setting uses slow-moving averages (SMA) and 15-day EMA along with the 50/200EMA for both long and short positions. It’s designed for conservative traders who want to avoid making significant investments without knowing whether conditions warrant it.

-Medium Speed Stochastics: This mode also uses SMA and EMA but switches between them faster, providing more information so that trades take place at higher speeds while still being cautious enough not to lose money quickly. It’s ideal for intermediate-level traders who want more control over their risk levels but don’t want to become too aggressive or passive.

-Fast Stochastics: In this mode, the oscillator moves much faster than in Medium Speed Stochastics, which provides even more information to help you detect potential opportunities. It’s best used by aggressive traders who want to make quick decisions but can still back out of trades if conditions change.

-Kirshenbaum Bands: As the name suggests, this setting uses Kirshenbaum bands (a type of technical analysis mark) as a guideline for trading. This is the most specialized mode and is only appropriate for experienced traders who know how to use different settings on their MT4 platform to get the best results from forex kirshbaum bands.

Kirshenbaum Bands With Stochastic Strategy Advantages

There are several advantages to using forex Kirshenbaum bands:

-They provide traders with an objective way to determine when they may be overbought or oversold; this helps avoid taking unnecessary risks.

-By limiting your losses while still allowing you some profits, forex Kirshenbaum bands can help limit financial damage in unfavorable market conditions.

-They allow you to take advantage of buy signals even if the underlying asset doesn’t meet your entry criteria (for example, if the band is below support). You can “catch” a falling knife without getting cut!

Kirshenbaum Bands With Stochastic Strategy Disadvantages

Forex Kirshenbaum bands can be a great way to find stability in the market, but they also come with some disadvantages. First and foremost, Forex Kirshenbaum bands are narrow Bollinger Bands that only have a range of ±2% for most currency pairs. If you’re looking for long-term forex investment opportunities, you may not find them within these tight boundaries.

Additionally, Forex Kirshenbaum bands are susceptible to changes in volatility – either up or down – which could cause them to break prematurely and leave you with losses. And finally, because they’re so limited in scope, Forex Kirshnbaum bands don’t always provide reliable support against major corrections or rallies on the markets. So while their use can be very beneficial during periods of relative calmness and stability, it’s important to heed warnings about possible risks before making any significant investments using this strategy.

Strategy installation on MT4

o install this strategy on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, you would typically need to have the custom indicators Kirshenbaum Bands and Stochastic in the .ex4 format, then follow these steps:

  1. Open the MT4 platform and go to the “Navigator” window
  2. Click on the “Indicators” folder, then select “Custom” from the list
  3. Right-click and select “Browse.”
  4. Locate the downloaded indicators files and click “Open.”
  5. Drag the indicators onto a chart to apply them
  6. Customize the indicator settings as desired, then click “OK.”

Kirshenbaum Bands With Stochastic Strategy mt4

Kirshenbaum Bands With Stochastic Strategy mt4 free download


Kirshenbaum Bands with a stochastic strategy are another popular way to find stability in the market. However, as with Forex Kirshenbaum bands, these are narrow Bollinger Bands with only a range of ±2%. Therefore, they may not be ideal for long-term forex investment opportunities. Additionally, volatility changes could cause them to break prematurely – so it’s essential to be aware of possible risks before making any significant investments.

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