What is the Super Agimat Strategy for MT4?

The Super Agimat strategy for MT4 is a unique and powerful way to profit from the foreign exchange market. It uses technical analysis to identify patterns in the currency markets and then makes trading decisions based on those patterns.

Super Agimat Strategy

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This strategy is designed to provide consistent profits over time, regardless of the fluctuations in the overall market. By using Super Agimat, you can achieve greater returns than with traditional forex trading methods. Plus, it’s easy to execute – all you need is access to a computer with an MT4 account and some basic knowledge of technical analysis.

How to use Super Agimat Strategy for MT4?

Forex is a global market where investors buy and sell currencies with the hope of making a profit. Many use charts to trade forex, but not all charts are created equal. Super Agimat is one of the most popular charting platforms for forex traders, and it uses specific indicators to help you make informed decisions about your trading strategy. This article will teach you how to use Super Agimat to improve your MT4 trading skills.

To start, click on “Charts” in the top left corner of your screen. On the next page, you will see three different types of charts: Candlesticks (one bar), Timeframes (5 or 10 minutes), and Hashes (multiple bars). Select “Super Agimat” from the list on the right side of the screen. This will open up our SuperAgimat strategy window.

The first thing we want to do is find an indicator that can help us make informed Forex trades decisions。 To do this, we select “Momentum.” Momentum measures how much an asset has changed over a particular period – usually 30 days – relative to its average value over that same period。 As long as momentum remains high within a given timeframe segment or candlestick pattern、 we believe it’s likely that price action will follow suit soon after。 We’ll also add another rule called Fibonacci retracement levels into our strategy to better anticipate support and resistance levels.

The next step is to set up some buy and sell signals。 To do this, we click on the “Buy Signal” button in the top right corner of our window and choose a timeframe from the drop-down menu that appears. We’ll also want to enter a stop loss level (LS) and take note of how long it will take for us to hit that level if we decide to trade with our signal。 Next, you’ll want to input your profit target (PT) into the “Take Profit” box below PT and, optionally , enter a trailing stop (TS) to keep yourself from being too greedy when you’re taking profits。 And finally, click on the ” Sell Signal” button and do the same thing with a different timeframe、 LS and PT.

Now that we’ve set up our signals, we need to determine what type of trades we want to make. Super Agimat can give us two types of buy signals: spikes and valleys。 Spikes happen when buyers come in strongly at one price point while sellers are absent or weak at other nearby prices, resulting in buying pressure building up. Valley signals, on the other hand, occur when sellers are present at several price points and buyers are absent or weak elsewhere, leading to selling pressure.

We’ll use valleys as our buy signal choice in this example。 To create these trades, we first need to find a timeframe where we think prices will reach our PT level before reversing back down again。 In this case, we’ll look for two 30-day segments with consecutive lower highs and lows (marked with red circles) – these should be good candidates for our buy trade.

Super Agimat Strategy MT4 trading settings

The forex Super Agimat Strategy is a popular trading system that uses technical analysis to identify opportunities and make trades. This strategy is designed to use multiple asset classes, including stocks, commodities, and currencies.

You’ll need to understand your Forex broker’s MT4 platform settings to use this strategy effectively. Here are some essential things to keep in mind:

-Trades should be placed within the appropriate timeframe (5-, 15-, or 30-minute intervals).

-Trade sizes should vary depending on the market conditions at the time of trade; larger trades during solid markets and smaller trades during weak markets.

-Please be careful when opening positions; always test the waters first by placing a small order before committing more capital.

Super Agimat Strategy Advantages

Super Agimat is a forex trading strategy that has recently gained popularity. The idea behind Super Agimat is to use Following trend methods to trade the markets. Trend following involves buying an asset when its price increases and selling it when it falls. This approach limits your risk while still making profits over time.

Some of the advantages of using Super Agimat for forex trading include the following:

– It’s a simple and easy-to-use strategy, perfect for beginners or those who want to stick to one method without getting overwhelmed by confusing indicators or complex systems.

– It allows you to maintain consistent profits even in volatile market conditions.

– You can execute trades quickly and easily, so you’ll always have access to liquid funds – Super Agimat is a trend-following strategy, so it’s ideal for trading assets with short-term trends ( stocks, commodities, etc. )

Super Agimat Strategy Disadvantages

There are some disadvantages of using Super Agimat for forex trading:

– It can be more volatile than other strategies; as a result, you might experience more considerable losses during bear markets or periods of high volatility

– It doesn’t work well with all asset classes; if you’re invested in currencies or derivatives that aren’t correlated to the underlying asset (stocks and commodities, for example), Super Agimat might not be the right strategy for you – You need to be patient; Super Agimat requires you to wait for trends to develop, so it won’t work well if you’re looking for fast profits – It’s not suitable for day trading; you should use Super Agimat only when you have a longer-term investment strategy in place.

Super Agimat Strategy installation on MT4

To install the Super Agimat strategy on MT4, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Download the Super Agimat strategy files from the developer’s website.
  2. Open the MT4 trading platform and navigate the “Navigator” window.
  3. Click on the “Expert Advisors” tab and the “Browse…” button.
  4. Locate the Super Agimat strategy files you downloaded earlier and select the .ex4 file.
  5. Click the “Open” button, then the Super Agimat strategy will be installed on your MT4 platform.
  6. You can then attach the strategy to any chart and configure the settings according to your requirements.

So that you know, this is a general guide on how to install a custom strategy on MT4. The specific steps may vary depending on the developer and version of the system you are using.

Super Agimat Strategy mt4

Super Agimat Strategy mt4 free download


In this article, we have explained the Super Agimat strategy and how it can be used to make profits in the market. Remember, this is a long-term investment strategy, so you must be patient and research different asset classes before implementing them into your trading plans.

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